Philharmonic Series Timpani Mallets

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Our Philharmonic Series Timpani Mallets were meticulously designed and crafted to provide performers with the specific sound that they desired. Each hardness in the series serves a purpose, and the carbon fiber provides a consistent and balanced feel throughout each set in the series. The mallets are wrapped in the highest quality German and polyester felt available in a parachute style, meaning you never have to worry about avoiding a seam. 


PT1 - Roller/Legato - This is the softest mallet in the PT series and achieves a full tone with minimal contact sound. Ideal for rolls on the lower drums or big legato notes on any of the drums

PT2 - General soft - A great choice for general timpani playing, this mallet is full and warm with slightly less contact sound than the PT3.

PT3 - General - This mallet is the most versatile mallet in the series because it sounds great in every musical situation. 

PT3.5 - General articulate - This mallet achieves a more clear "front" to the note without being quite as articulate as the PT4.

PT4 - Staccato - This mallet is the perfect combination of tone and articulation, and it still retains the warm sounds that help define our PT series.

PT5 - Ultra Staccato - The hardest wrapped mallet in the PT series that can cut through any ensemble. 

PT6 - Wood - For clear articulations and rhythmic patterns at every dynamic level.