Concerto Series Marimba Mallets

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The Concerto Series marimba mallets use a wool blend yarn that is the perfect combination of warm and durable. This makes them perfect for solos and ensembles. The weighted cores are designed to add resonance without being too heavy on the lower octave of the marimba. Stained and lacquered birch shafts make these mallets look and feel magnificent.


CM 101 - Soft - Perfect for chorales and legato notes on the middle and lower register.

CM 102 - Medium Soft - A warm general mallet that focuses on tone with less attack.

CM 103 - Medium - A general mallet that sounds great in every octave of the marimba.

CM 104 - Medium Hard - A general mallet that has a clear articulation in all registers.

CM 105 - Hard - Great on the middle and upper register for crisp articulation.